Yoruba Andabo - Rumba En La Habana Con (DVD)

Yoruba Andabo - Rumba En La Habana Con (DVD)

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This name is nothing more than the conjugation of two words from African dialects. Yoruba is the name given to an extensive territory in southern Africa, inhabited by several nations and consequently their cultures. The word Andabo, in Carabal» language, means: friend, follower, admirer.

Track Listing

    • Canto A Los Muertos
    • Congo
    • Yoruba Eleggua
    • Yoruba Oggun
    • Yoruba Ochun
    • Yoruba Yemaya
    • Yoruba Oya
    • Yoruba Chango
    • Yoruba Babalu Aye
    • Yoruba Obbatala
    • Pintor
    • Rap
    • Conga

    Additional Details

    Label: Ayva Musica

    Genre: Latin

    Run Time: 104 mins

    Release Date: 05/10/11

    UPC: 8427328882187