William Boyd Western Double Feature (DVD-R)

William Boyd Western Double Feature (DVD-R)

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THREE ON A TRAIL: Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) rescues the stranded schoolmarm from the lecherous saloon owner. Hoppy is busy getting the prim Miss Stevens set up at the Bar 20 when Johnny Nelson (James Ellison) is wounded while attempting, yet failing, to prevent the saloon owner's men from holding up the stage. The irate saloon owner then frames Johnny for both the robbery and the stage driver's shooting. Of course, there is a corrupt sheriff that is about to arrest youngster. In steps the tough-talking Hoppy to save the day, but soon the two friends are at loggerheads over the pretty schoolmarm. Hoppy seems to rile one of saloon owner's men and there is the inevitable climactic shootout at the saloon. RT: 66 min, B&W, NR, 1936, 1.33:1 THE EAGLE'S BROOD: The grandson of a retired Mexican outlaw, El Toro goes missing after a gang of outlaws rob and murder the boy's parents. Deputy Sheriff Cassidy (William Boyd) promises to search for the boy. Young sidekick Johnny Nelson (James Ellison) and saloon girl Dolores (Joan Woodbury) assist Hoppy to go undercover as an outlaw in order to infiltrate the gang. The gang is headed by the crooked saloon owner Big Henry. Dolores is murdered, Cassidy is forced to kill one of the gang member and suspicions fly! Meanwhile, Johnny has found little Pablo wandering in the woods. When the boss hears of what has happened, he fears that the boy may implicate him in the murders and quickly plans a trap for Hoppy. Showdown to follow - but the villain is hunted down. Hoppy to the rescue! RT: 61 min, B&W, NR, 1935, 1.33:1


Cast & Crew

  •       William Boyd
  •       James Ellison
  •       Onslow Stevens
  •       Muriel Evans
  •       George ‘Gabby’ Hayes
  •       Claude King
  •       William Duncan
  •       Clara Kimball Young
  •       Al Hill
  •       John St. Polis
  •       Art Ortego
  •       Jack Rutherford
  •       Ted Adams
  •       Ernie S. Adams
  •       Franklin Farnum
  •       Lew Meehan
  •       Lita Cortez
  •       William Farnum
  •       Addison Richards
  •       Joan Woodbury
  •       Dorothy Revier
  •       Henry Sylvester
  •       Juan Torena
  •       Frank Shannon
  •       Al Lydell
  •       John Merton
  •       Paul Fix

Director: Howard Bretherton

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 127 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 089859739422