Why (DVD)

Why (DVD)

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A group therapy session takes place involving a drummer from a suddenly defunct rock band, an athlete and a pregnant junkie.

In this 1970's, very dramatic indie film, our story centers around a psychiatrist (Herb Goldberg, a real-life psycho analyst) and a hand full of his patients, whom he is having in depth group therapy sessions with over a period of several months. The group consists of a Pro athlete (O.J. Simpson) who has issues with his conservative father, a spoiled, pregnant little rich girl (Linda Gillen) who is also a heroin addict, a repressed and suicidal gay man (Danny Goldman), an unwed mother of a biracial child (Jeannie Berlin - the daughter of Elaine May) angry over her mother's attitude toward her and her child, a depressed drummer (Tim Buckley) in an identity crisis after the breakup of his band, and a pathological liar masquerading as a teacher (Cathy Bleich). In their sessions, the patients share the raw details of their deepest hurts, fears, and flaws, while getting to the root causes of why they are there seeking help. Over time, each person learns to face their true self and to come to terms with the things they don't like about themselves, their lives and each other.


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Cast & Crew

  •       O.J. Simpson as Self
  •       Linda Gillen as Self
  •       Jeannie Berlin as Self
  •       Danny Goldman as Self
  •       Tim Buckley as Self
  •       Herb Goldberg

Director: Victor Stoloff

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 87 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/24/23

UPC: 089859892226