When Death Calls (DVD)

When Death Calls (DVD)

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When Death Calls is a a B-movie fiesta of thrills!

It's Halloween, and an elementary school teacher is being stalked by a mysterious caller...meanwhile, sexy DJ Roxy Richards is making her scariest broadcast yet - but she may not realize how scary things are going to get when an old friend calls in...

Maverick filmmaker Jim Haggerty (FROM THE INSIDE, WITCHMASTER GENERAL) has crafted his masterpiece with this creepy anthology horror film. Running the gamut of horror, including stalkers, slashers, monsters, and zombies, WHEN DEATH CALLS is like a two hour horror film festival. Highlighting all the bloody best of the genre - from high drama, to tense suspense, to the sickest humor, WHEN DEATH CALLS is a B-movie fiesta of thrills!

Starring legendary scream queens Suzi Lorraine and Tina Krause, as well as bright new faces Nathalie Bryant, Katt Masterson, and Pooya Moheseni, WHEN DEATH CALLS is an epic throwback to 70's and 80's type horror films destined for a great cult following.


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Bonus Materials

  • When Death Calls Trailer
  • When Death Messes Up (Bloopers and Outtakes)
  • Interview with Suzi Lorraine
  • Interview with Nathalie Bryant
  • Lobby Cards (stills gallery)
  • Nathalie Bryant Photo Shoot
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Cast & Crew

  •       Suzi Lorraine
  •       Tina Krause

Director: Jim Haggerty

Producer: Jim Haggerty

Additional Details

Label: Yellow Ape Productions

Genre: Horror

Run Time: 91 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/21/12

UPC: 760137542094