What The Waters Left Behind (Blu-ray)

What The Waters Left Behind (Blu-ray)

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They Come For You!

The town of Epecuén was flooded on November 10th 1985 and was deep underwater for over 30 years. When the waters receded, the town was still intact and stayed deserted, at least so they thought. A group of young filmmakers takes a trip to the ruins to film a documentary. Ignoring the warnings, they get stranded. One by one they soon find that you don't have to go to Texas for a massacre.


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Bonus Materials

  • Making of
  • Trailer
  • Unearthed Films Trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Agustín Pardella
  •       Damián Dreizik
  •       Victoria Maurette
  •       Gustavo Garzón
  •       Evan Leed

Director: Nico Onetti

Director: Luciano Onetti

Additional Details

Label: Unearthed Films

Genre: Horror

Language: Spanish

Run Time: 98:00 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/12/20

UPC: 760137347088