Western Film Noir Double Feature (DVD)

Western Film Noir Double Feature (DVD)

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1. A dark and moody historical western. 2. Unglamorous, well-written, tale of mystery and suspense

LITTLE BIG HORN: Every Sioux arrow points to an upcoming massacre as a Seventh Cavalry patrol sets out on a 250-mile trek to warn General Custer that an Indian trap is about to spring shut on him. 'A superior historical Western, with the accent 'on the tension of men who don't know when the enemy is going to strike' (Motion Picture Exhibitor).

RIMFIRE: the western setting is incidental in this unglamorous, well-written, tale of mystery and suspense. The story involves the death by hanging of The Abilene Kid, who is innocent of all charges. After death the Kid returns to kill off all of those who sentenced him to be hanged.

Bonus Materials

  • Robert L. Lippert Biography with Filmograpy and Theatreography
  • 'Rimfire' Liner notes by producer/historian, Sam Sherman


Cast & Crew

  •       LITTLE BIG HORN: Lloyd Bridges
  •       John Ireland
  •       Marie Windsor
  •       Jim Davis
  •       Hugh O'Brian RIMFIRE: James Millican
  •       Reed Hadley
  •       Mary Beth Hughes
  •       Henry Hull
  •       Fuzzy Knight

Director: LITTLE BIG HORN: Charles Marquis Warren RIMFIRE: B. Reeves Eason

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Western

Language: English

Run Time: 150 mins

Release Date: 09/26/06

UPC: 089859056024