We Are Egypt: The Story Behind The Revolution (DVD)

We Are Egypt: The Story Behind The Revolution (DVD)

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Months before the momentous uprising in Egypt many talked of a revolution - no one knew when that day would come. Going beyond the headlines, this story - filmed in the fourteen months leading to the Revolution - highlights the years of mounting resentment against the ruling regime.

Embedded inside the turmoil, filmmaker Lillie Paquette followed key opposition figures and young democracy activists as they struggled against extraordinary odds and at great personal risk to remove an uncompromising U.S.-backed authoritarian government determined to stay in power.


Bonus Materials

  • Memories of Egypt: The 1952 Revolution with Omar Sharif
  • Shaab Misr - The People of Egypt
  • Egyptian Democracy Activists
  • Inside NDP Headquarters
  • Noam Chomsky on US foreign policy in Egypt


Cast & Crew

Director: Lillie Paquette

Producer: Lillie Paquette

Additional Details

Label: Soundview Media Partners

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 85 mins

Release Date: 04/09/13

UPC: 826262009090