Waterfront Tv Series: Vol. Collection #1 (DVD)

Waterfront Tv Series: Vol. Collection #1 (DVD)

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John Herrick, captain of the tug 'Cheryl Ann' in Los Angeles harbor, returns to the small screen in this excitng collection of episodes from the series' premiere season. These exciting stories revolved around Johns family and various criminals encountered around the harbor. Heralded as a great 'on location' episodic, the series is considered an exemplar of maritime life in the 50s.


Cast & Crew

  •       Preston Foster
  •       Lois Moran
  •       Kathleen Crowley
  •       Douglas Dick
  •       John Dehner
  •       Francis Bavier
  •       Ann Robinson

Director: Phil Karlson

Director: John Brahm

Director: Ted Post

Director: Hollingsworth Morse

Track Listing

    • - The Skipper's Day
    • - Lighthouse
    • - A New Whistle for the Cheryl Ann
    • - Cap'n Long John
    • - Term Paper
    • - Cap'n John's Dilemma
    • - Sea Bells
    • - Troubled Waters
    • - The Rift
    • - First Mate

    Additional Details

    Label: VCI Entertainment

    Genre: Drama

    Language: English

    Run Time: 250 mins

    Release Date: 01/27/15

    UPC: 089859862724