Vamps And The City (DVD)

Vamps And The City (DVD)

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A sexy, bloody, vampire spoof of the infamous Sex and the City with a scorching rock/goth/industrial soundtrack!

From Cleopatra films comes a sexy, bloody Vampire film with a blistering Goth/Industrial and Rock and Roll soundtrack! A spoof of the infamous 'Sex In The City' television series, This 'Vampire Satire' will make you laugh - and even squirm - but either way get out the splatter sheets and enjoy!


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Cast & Crew

  •       Jade Brandais
  •       Noelle Perris
  •       Heather Kirkland Howe
  •       Danielle Motley
  •       Tammy de Kauwe
  •       David Coe
  •       Caitlin Rose
  •       Sasanna Babashoff
  •       Christina Desiere
  •       Justin Ferrari
  •       Ziggy Peters

Director: Dennis Devine

Producer: David Sterling

Additional Details

Label: Cleopatra

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 82 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/18/10

UPC: 760137497196