Unmarked (DVD)

Unmarked (DVD)

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What happens when adults are out to get you...for good?

When a woman's son is found to be bullying a young boy at their middle school, the mother will go to any length to prevent her son from being labeled the perpetrator. As the bullied student is being painted as the bully, he struggles with challenges from school authority, his family, and his peers. As the increasingly hostile and dangerous intentions of the woman continue, he realizes that she will do anything humanly possible to stop him from leaking the truth. Based on a true story, this modern-day depiction of bullying shows just how difficult middle school has become.



Cast & Crew

  •       Tamara Hutchins
  •       Alec Ybarra
  •       Darcy Orrok
  •       Kyle Gray
  •       Adam J. Cahn
  •       Batya Cruz

Director: Alec Ybarra

Producer: Alec Ybarra

Additional Details

Label: Dreamscape Media

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 65 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/16/19

UPC: 818506025935