UFO Chronicles: The Smoking Gun (DVD)

UFO Chronicles: The Smoking Gun (DVD)

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New volume of the popular UFO documentary series, focuses on the Roswell New Mexico UFO crash

Dr. David Rudiak is the world's foremost authority on the Roswell 'Smoking Gun' evidence - the General Ramey memo that detailed what actually occurred in Roswell. His reconstruction and analysis of this historical document stands in sharp contrast to the story released by the government. UFO expert Stanton Friedman uses the background
history of what happened at Roswell to detail the actual sequence of events and reviews in detail the cover-ups that have emerged and taken place over the years by the
shadow government and the mainstream media. Mr. Friedman tells the story of Air Force fighter pilots who were ordered to shoot down UFOs and the ongoing disclosure by
many of the countries of the world of the truth about aliens, UFOs, and how important it is that the people of the Earth know the truth.


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Label: Reality Entertainment

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 65 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/08/16

UPC: 725272730706