Two Raging Grannies (DVD)

Two Raging Grannies (DVD)

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It Takes Two Grannies to Challenge the System!

Shirley (90) and Hinda (84) are two lovable raging grannies from Seattle. Sometimes they bicker like an old married couple, but their relationship is intimate and always filled with humor and adoration. They have always been engaged in social and political
issues from world finance to global warming. They also worry about what the future holds for their grandchildren. Now they have a 'raging' question: Why do we need perpetual economic growth?

This is the starting point for a coast-to-coast journey. Hinda is ill and wants to see her NYC birthplace one last time before she dies. And, the answer to their question may very well be found on Wall Street.

Two Raging Grannies is a critically acclaimed film about lifelong friendship and political determination. It will make you laugh, cry and think about the things most important in life.


Bonus Materials

  • Features 90 minutes of bonus material: full interview with Professor Albert Bartlett

Additional Details

Label: Soundview Media Partners

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 78 mins

Release Date: 09/15/15

UPC: 826262012892