TV Party: Time & Makeup Show (DVD)

TV Party: Time & Makeup Show (DVD)

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Featuring fashion photographer Steven Meisel, David van Tieghem, Tim Wright, Richard Sohl of the Patti Smith Group, artists Fab Five Freddie and Ronnie Cutrone and guitarist Robert Fripp.

This episode was broadcast live from ETC Studios on August 19, 1979. Glenn O'Brien says 'TV Party is interesting as a TV show, but it's a pretty good painting too.' This show opens with a still frame. Just when you're ready to go nuts, a voice reassures: 'There is nothing wrong with your television set.' And mad action begins. This episode plays with ideas of time and space, ('time is money' and 'dead air') alternating between aggressive boredom and quick wit. The TV Party Orchestra (Walter Steding on violin, Lenny Ferrari on the New Yorker magazine, and Tim Wright on guitar) jams while host O'Brien performs the sublime feat of rolling a joint blindfolded while smoking a joint.


NIGHT FLIGHT feature story

Additional Details

Label: Brink

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Run Time: 58 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/29/06

UPC: 187830000247