Treacherous (DVD)

Treacherous (DVD)

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A retired race car driver and owns a Mexican resort hotel gets mixed up in a robbery involving $2 million

In 'Treacherous' C. Thomas Howell is cast as a former race car driver Mickey Stewart, who gave up the racing circuit after his mechanic Tommy Wright (Adam Baldwin) was left a paraplegic in an accident. Together they now operate a resort hotel on the coast of Baja California in which they're losing their shirts...and are increasing desperate for money.

But Mickey's found love with Dr. Jessica Jamison (Tia Carrere) and their steamy sex scenes fall just this side of pornographic (which may be the best reason to watch 'Treacherous').

In 1992, Carrere appeared as Cassandra in 'Wayne's World'. The same year 'Treacherous' was shot (1993), Carrere also appeared in 'Rising Sun' opposite Sean Connery as well as 'Wayne's World 2'. She also starred in the TV series 'Relic Hunter', had roles on numerous other TV series and is a recurring character on 'Lilo & Stitch'. She's also has won 2 Grammy Awards for her Hawaiian music .



Cast & Crew

  •       C. Thomas Howell
  •       Tia Carerre
  •       Adam Baldwin

Director: Kevin Brodie

Producer: Stephen Strick

Additional Details

Label: S'more Entertainment

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Language: English

Run Time: 95 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 02/26/19

UPC: 089353728526