Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story (DVD)

Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story (DVD)

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His ultimate sacrifice lit a torch that could not be extinguished.

Jim Elliot spent his youth preparing to share the Gospel with those who'd never heard it. But nothing could have prepared him for the dangers and challenges he'd face in the jungles of Ecuador. The remote Auca tribe, also known as the Woadani tribe, was suspicious and antagonistic toward even the friendliest of gestures from outsiders. Would Jim and his fellow missionaries ever be able to break down the hostile barriers and carry a torch of faith to these savage people determined to attack all outsiders? In this inaugural Torchlighters episode, we follow Jim's adventures from his college years to his work in the jungles, showing young people his faith in action as he answers God's call to do the seemingly impossible.



Cast & Crew

  •       Stephen Larriva

Director: Robert Fernandez

Producer: Christian History Institute

Additional Details

Label: Dreamscape Media

Genre: Kids MOVIE

Language: English

Run Time: 33 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/12/19

UPC: 818506024730