They Call Me Zarko (DVD)

They Call Me Zarko (DVD)

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The true story of Ghazaros Demirdjian who escaped the Armenian genocide 1915-1923 to live the American Dream.

Born in Bulgaria in 1927, Ghazaros Demirdjian was the son of displaced Armenian immigrants who had escaped the genocide (1915-1923). Ghazaros knew there was a better life out there for him. He loved John Wayne movies and dreamed of moving to America. With a developed sixth sense (which he credits to have learned from Romanian Gypsies) he knew it could be done, and finally embarked on a journey fraught with such peril that only the most determined could have survived. From imprisonment in both Iraq and Iran, to the honor killing of a Turkish infidel, to arson in a fight with the mafia, this is the true story of how an Armenian born into abject poverty somehow made it to Hollywood and created a fortune in the American trash business. He achieved the American Dream, his dream, of a successful business, a full table, and a loving family who now bask in the glow of his love and legacy. They couldn't pronounce his name, so they called him Zarko.


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Cast & Crew

  •       Ghazaros Demirdjian as Himself

Director: Ron Small

Additional Details

Label: Demirdjian

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 70 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/10/22

UPC: 760137895091