The Wedding Planners: Season One (DVD)

The Wedding Planners: Season One (DVD)

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Every wedding begins with family.

Follow the Clarkson siblings as they endure their own family drama and complicated romantic relationships while they help to plan dream weddings for happy couples-to-be. Siblings Paige, James, and Hannah have to face the loss of their mother Marguerite as they pick up the pieces of the many years of weddings Marguerite left for her children to fulfill. As they reconnect with each other, they take up the family business to honor Marguerite's legacy.



Cast & Crew

  •       Kimberly-Sue Murray
  •       Madeline Leon
  •       Michael Seater
  •       Michelle Nolden
  •       Lanette Ware

Director: Justin G. Dyck

Director: Marco Deufemia

Producer: Myles Milne

Producer: Beth Stevenson

Additional Details


Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 353 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/07/24

UPC: 810071448768