The Tribe Of Misfits (DVD)

The Tribe Of Misfits (DVD)

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What happened to the Tribe?

Casey is a teenager with telekinesis who starts a social movement with his friends. After an encounter with a criminal gang the teens disappear. Only a blood stained house and a video journal were left behind. Nine nominations at Maverick Movie Awards 2013 Misfits is an entertaining look at the desire to change the world. Similar to 'Cloverfield,' Project X,' and others, we tell our story through the eyes of the camera, aimed at an audience that would rather watch a YouTube video than a movie. Like 'American Graffiti,' the kids are always near a source of music, giving us an amazing soundtrack. By using social media the story continues. Our target age group can email the characters and comment on social issues on the TRIBE website.


Cast & Crew

  •       Scott Higgins
  •       Josh Gilmore
  •       Yasmine Al-Bustami
  •       Nancy Sherrard
  •       Wheeler Williams

Director: Brent Duncan

Producer: Marc Donato

Producer: Jenna Burris

Producer: Sharon O'Hara

Additional Details

Label: Lost Empire

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Language: English

Run Time: 96 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 08/26/14

UPC: 760137634096