The Town Inside (DVD) 1

The Town Inside (DVD) 1

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A struggle to survive. A will to live.

Jason Davis and his daughter Patricia have been surviving in a world that has become unsurvivable. A new strain of the South African 'Lujo' virus has touched American soil and has made people desperate. Jason has taken in as many people as he can and there's not enough water or food to go around. So when an infected neighbor comes knocking for help and Jason turns him away, it becomes more than a struggle for survival from the virus. It also becomes a struggle from what once was his fellow man. Can Jason protect everyone and survive? He just might with 'The Town Inside'. The films stars notable actor Gregory Alan Williams (Remember The Titans) It is an Urban Action Thriller. Not many films are released intros genre. There will be a press junket and a online ad campaign garnering 3 million impressions



Cast & Crew

Director: Tokeyo

Producer: Kareem Davis

Additional Details

Label: Garco

Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/26/16

UPC: 760137781196