The Scout (DVD)

The Scout (DVD)

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Being in the entertainment industry can be 'cut-throat!'

Being in the entertainment industry can be 'cut-throat!' For first time, independent film director Jeff, and his small, rag-tag cast and crew, trying to make a movie has its ups and downs. When they find out their original shooting location has become unusable, they scramble to find a suitable place to shoot the slasher film, 'Terrestrial Evil.' The micro budget film crew ends up on a new group location scout, thanks to their leading lady Patty, but when they arrive, are attacked by a mysterious masked killer, who appears 'hell-bent' on murdering them one by one. Little do they know they're all going to make the director's cut.


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Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 85 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/07/22

UPC: 760137101901