The Man-Eater (DVD)

The Man-Eater (DVD)

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Starring Loredana Cannata, Arturo Paglia, Pascal Persiano, Francesco Di Leva, Gianluca Cuomo, Loredana Solfizi, Marcello Aiello, Johnny Scavone, Massimiliano Lagonaro, Nicole Alexandropulos and Marta Bifano. A shocking portrait of a young woman with a voracious appetite for sex. Guila (Loredana Cannata) picks up the young Valerio (Arturo Paglia) for a one-night stand. After a round of amazing lovemaking she gives the young man a fake name and telephone number. In spite of this, Valerio is smitten and attempts to track down his dream girl. In doing so, he learns that Guila has multiple identities and is addicted to sex. This controversial film is presented in its entirety

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 80 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/09/07

UPC: 018619416198