The Little Witch (DVD)

The Little Witch (DVD)

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The Little Witch has a big problem: she is only 127 years old, which is much too young to dance on the Brocken Mountain on Walpurgis Night. When she unsuccessfully tries to sneak into this most important of all witches' dances, her punishment is she must learn all 7,892 spells in the great book of magic within one year. Hard work and ambition are not exactly the Little Witch's strengths, and the evil witch Rumpumpel is trying everything she can to prevent the Little Witch from learning all the spells. With her talking raven Abrazas, the Little Witch sets out to discover what makes a good witch, and puts the entire witches' world to the test while she is at it. 12+ Dove Foundation Approved!


Cast & Crew

  •       Karoline Herfurth; Therese Affolter; Thomas Loibl

Director: Mike Schaerer

Producer: Jakob Claussen; Ulrike Putz

Additional Details

Label: Breaking Glass Pictures

Genre: Kids MUSIC

Run Time: 103 mins

Release Date: 11/06/18

UPC: 855184007563