The Intelligence Men (DVD)

The Intelligence Men (DVD)

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ERIC AND ERNIE, the-best loved of all British comedy double acts, made their big screen debut in this hilarious swinging sixties spy spoof. Ernie Sage is a pen pusher for the Secret Services and his friend Eric runs a café. When Eric accidentally encounters a summit meeting of an international criminal gang M.I.5 decide to send the hapless pair undercover with Eric posing as 'Major Cavendish.' Riotous antics follow when the incompetent duo is assigned to protect the legendary Russian prima donna and acclaimed ballet dancer Madame Petrovna from assassins. Will Eric and Ernie live up to their billing as 'The Intelligence Men''


Cast & Crew

  •       Eric Morecambe
  •       Ernie Wise
  •       William Franklyn
  •       April Olrich
  •       Gloria Paul
  •       Richard Vernon
  •       Terence Alexander
  •       Jill Curzon
  •       Laurence Herder
  •       Marianne Stone
  •       Dilys Rosser

Director: Robert Asher

Producer: Hugh Stewart

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 99 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/18/08

UPC: 018619598214