The Dollyrots - Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles (DVD/CD) 1

The Dollyrots - Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles (DVD/CD) 1

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Pop/punk band 'The Dollyrots' ride into Los Angeles and rock the stage at the famous Roxy venue.

Featuring The Dollyrots' first live concert film & album, the CD + DVD Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles captures the exuberant duo in top form on a 2015 tour of the USA, with their toddler son along for the adventure & in support of a catalog spanning 15 years and 5 albums. A tour of the United States spanning several weeks culminates in a single special concert performance filmed at the World-famous Roxy in their hometown of Los Angeles in September 2015. The DVD's live footage features a set list comprised of the band's top tracks, directed and produced by Ian Macleod and including backstage documentary segments profiling the band member's quirks & banter. Featuring intimate moments leading up to & after the show, a special appearance by Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup, drumming by the explosive Rikki Styxx, and cameos by crew & past band members. Includes 47 minutes of bonus video content filmed on the road across the USA, a commentary track extra feature, and companion audio album CD mixed/mastered from pristine live multitrack recordings. After a career including stints on the venerable Lookout! Records, Joan Jett's Blackheart Records, and finally maturing into a fully independent band and parents, this live concert experience captures the energy of one night in Los Angeles where one of pop-punk's most respected & tenacious female-fronted bands sings & sweats their hearts out through a set list of fan favorites. For Dollyrots fans that have never seen the band live, for superfans who have, and for those who appreciate true pop punk. Red Beard Brigade Productions & Arrested Youth Records 2015.


Bonus Materials

  • 8 Bonus Tour Videos (47 minutes total)
  • Special Audio Commentary Version Included


Cast & Crew

  •       Kelly Ogden
  •       Luis Cabezas
  •       Rikki Watson
  •       River Ogden Cabezas
  •       Quito Dollyrot

Director: Ian Macleod

Producer: Ian Macleod

Producer: Shannon Macleod

Track Listing

Disc 2:
  • My Best Friend's Hot
  • Kick Me to the Curb
  • Brand New Key
  • Get Weird
  • Satellite
  • Bury Me in Ireland
  • Come and Get It
  • Jackie Chan
  • Twist Me to the Left
  • Starting Over Again
  • Because I'm Awesome

Additional Details

Label: Arrested Youth Records

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Language: English

Run Time: 41 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/11/16

UPC: 655257400044