The Dark Side Of The Sun (DVD)

The Dark Side Of The Sun (DVD)

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Brad Pitt stars in this touching story about a young American searching for the cure to a rare skin disease that will kill him if he is exposed to light. In a small town on the Adriatic, a local healer has provided him with a cure, but it is a cure that can only last for three days. Realizing that this may be his only chance to break free from the prison of his illness, Rick decides to live those three days to the fullest. He finds respite in the form of a young American girl. Together they fall in love, knowing that their love can never last, yet each secretly hoping for a miracle.

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 93 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/11/07

UPC: 029502795573