The Borrowers (DVD)

The Borrowers (DVD)

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There's trouble brewing for the Clock family...

The miniature Clock family, headed by parents Pod and Homily, live under the floorboards of an old English house. To sustain their living, the family must borrow common household items from the humans above. When a young boy finds the family one day, he begins a friendship with Arrietty Clock, the young daughter. Unfortunately, not everybody wants the best for the wee family, and they are forced to flee to avoid being captured. The recipient of a Primetime Emmy, the cast of this film includes Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes, and Judith Anderson, plus the curmudgeonly Barnard Hughes.



Cast & Crew

  •       Eddie Albert
  •       Tammy Grimes
  •       Judith Anderson
  •       Beatrice Straight
  •       Barnard Hughes

Director: Walter C. Miller

Producer: Duane Bogie

Producer: Walt DeFaria

Additional Details


Genre: Family

Language: English

Run Time: 81 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 05/09/23

UPC: 818506028455