That Certain Thing (DVD)

That Certain Thing (DVD)

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Molly Kelly, a cigar stand drudge, marries the wealthy son of a restauranter who disinherits his son. Later the son 'makes good' by opening a lunch box stand and his father whose business has fallen off gives the young couple financial help to expand their business. A silent film clasic from director Frank Capra offered for the first time ever on DVD.


Cast & Crew

  •       VIOLA DANA
  •       RALPH GRAVES
  •       CARL GERARD
  •       SYD CROSSLEY

Director: Capra

Director: Frank

Producer: Capra

Producer: Frank

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 86 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/04/07

UPC: 029502749446