Tattoo Taboo (DVD)

Tattoo Taboo (DVD)

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Some Call It Art...Some Call It Filth... We Call It The Ultimate Form Of Self-Expression! Witness The Most Extreme Body Exploitation And Modification Of The Flesh EVER FILMED! Join our gorgeous hostess Lauren at a festival for amazingly talented Tattoo artisans and body piercing czars. See outrageous filthy dancing girls, an eerie presentation by the human elastic man so rubber-like he doesn't seem human. Witness the disgusting appearance of crazies eating big, fat, clammy worms and a demonstration of body stapling. Watch a tug-of-war with cable connected to hooks penetrating the human hide. For the grand finale witness an exhibition of the ultimate body exploitation. Steel hooks impaled into the body so deeply that it tests the durability of the skin as a young beauty is suspended into the air by nothing but the hooks in her arms and then performs a distressing dance as she dangles high overhead. When it comes to self-expression via ink, there is no limit to size, color, location or design. See some custom freehand tattoos so fantastically bazaar that they belong in a museum. Another form of body ornamentation is piercing. It is the puncturing of the body with a hollow gauge needle and the installation of surgical grade steel (or gold, titanium, surgical plastic) jewelry into anyplace on the body.

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Label: Televista

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 86 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/03/07

UPC: 018619900000