Tastes Like Chicken (DVD)

Tastes Like Chicken (DVD)

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It's sexy...it's funny, it's a brand new productrion featuring 5 talented comics who aren't afraid to take their clothes off at the drop of a hat! In 'Fallen Angel' Daphne is an angel but succumbs to devilishly delightful Bekah! In 'I Want To Be Your Dog' Lenny Wilson has a new pet dog he wants to show his friend Daphne. Daphne thinks the dog is a little too human like! In 'Comedy Capers' Lenny & Woody seduce two bimbos by dressing as Laurel & Hardy. 'The Howard Sperm Show' has a discussion of women who want breast eblargements. In 'Fear Of Strippers Bekah & Daphne are strippers who put clothes ON.

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 68 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/13/05

UPC: 018619188699