Susan Ni Rahilly - Zen Sun Yoga (DVD)

Susan Ni Rahilly - Zen Sun Yoga (DVD)

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Our practice includes modifications for those of you with weak lower backs or general back issues and of course that makes it perfect for beginners! Zen Sun is a practice with the profound depth of Yoga – and the lightness of Zen! Zen means meditation. Zen means 'solitary person opens heart and mind to signs from Heaven…' Sun Salutations Practice brings us daily into our bodies and our mind… into appreciation of the energy of the Sun… into contact with life force energy… giving us a practice to be inside this energy… our energy moving within our stillness in the postures …energy dancing on the inside!


Cast & Crew

Director: Fridrik Karlson

Producer: Fridrik Karlson

Additional Details

Label: New World Music

Genre: Health/Fitness

Run Time: 114 mins

Release Date: 02/10/01

UPC: 767715002353