Stories Of Africa: Leopard Fight Club (DVD)

Stories Of Africa: Leopard Fight Club (DVD)

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Fur is going to fly.

'Filmed over a period of four years, this is the remarkable story of a young leopard's journey from rookie to royalty as seen through the watchful eyes of an old sentry baboon. That's why this old baboon chooses high ground for his daily surveillance. From these elevated look-out posts, he watches the arrival of the rookie leopard. His warning screeches echo in the valley, and the troop scurries. The watcher knows that the young leopard has only recently left the protection of his mother.

The rookie still lacks the experience and the skill set that makes leopards such lethal predators. Every day is a struggle to gain stealth and rhythm. Lions and hyenas sense that the leopard is vulnerable. As he hones his skills, this hunter becomes the hunted. One particular feisty hyena stalks the young leopard. He is looking for a show-down. In a face-to-face combat, the odds between them are even.

The threat from these predators is the least of the rookie's problems: a male leopard rules on the other side of the land. He needs access to larger, richer hunting grounds. And to do that, he must cross a boundary that leads him directly into the territories of the leopard monarch he should best avoid. The rookie's invasion of this turf sets off a series of bloody catfights where there can be only one winner.'


Cast & Crew

  •       Full Cast

Director: Peter Lamberti

Producer: Peter Lamberti

Producer: Jan Lampen

Additional Details


Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 50 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071444371