Stone Time Touch (DVD)

Stone Time Touch (DVD)

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An imaginary homeland...

Award-winning Armenian-Canadian experimental filmmaker Gariné Torossian weaves together a poetic collage of memory, loss, and expectation in this essay documentary of a real and imagined Armenia. A young woman's journey to her homeland is interwoven with photographs and the reflections of actress Arsinée Khanjian, who recounts the powerful stories she was told during her visits to Armenia, unpeeling her own expectations of the 'imaginary homeland.' This diary-like exploration is layered with religious iconography, ritual, contemporary struggle, and the burden of history. The beautifully haunting voices of the Armenian-American à capella folk trio Zulal underscore the emotional connection the women share to a land that is and is not theirs, resulting in an elegiac and sensory investigation into the concepts of home, identity and place. In Armenian and English with English subtitles.


Bonus Materials

  • Short films: Girl from Moush and My Own Obsession


Cast & Crew

  •       Arsinée Khanjian
  •       Kamée Abrahamian

Director: Gariné Torossian

Additional Details

Label: IndiePix Films

Genre: Documentary

Language: Armenian

Run Time: 72 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/10/21

UPC: 845637064342