Sting Jamaica 2003 (DVD)

Sting Jamaica 2003 (DVD)

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Gentleman, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Junior Kelly and tons more!

Since it started back in 1984, Jamaica's Sting Festival, 'The Greatest One-Night Reggae Show on Earth', has established itself as the island's premier one-night reggae show. Held each year in Portmore, Sting is renowned as being a showcase for the best reggae acts, primarily dancehall, which Jamaica has to offer. Its performers invariably rise to the occasion and it has witnessed many memorable performances over the years. This 2-disc DVD set recorded live in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica on December 27, 2003 features vital reggae acts like Gentleman, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Junior Kelly, and tons more. The concert was brought to a dramatic and premature end following an on-stage brawl between the often-controversial Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel, who subsequently both made up. With over 4 hours of footage, this set is a must for all true fans of reggae music.

Bonus Materials

  • BEHIND THE SCENES - A film of the day's events off-stage f/ interviews, spontaneous a capella performances, and more.
  • THE PRESS - Local reviews of the Festival from the Jamaican press as well as coverage of the brawl between Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel and other unplanned and unfortunate incidents which made the headlines.


Cast & Crew


Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • - D.Y.C.R.: Delroy; Judgement Pon A Sucka
  • - JUNIOR KELLY: Black Is My Colour; Smile
  • - NATTY KING: Money; Don't Bring Your Gun To Town
  • - GENTLEMAN: Them Gone So Far Away; Respect The Children; If Jah Nah Watch Over The City
  • - PINCHERS: Hey Gringos And Paseros; Riding West; Hold Me In Your Arms
  • - JUNIOR PINCHERS: I Can Make You Feel Good
  • - PINCHERS: Carpenter Carpenter; Lift It Up Again; Sidung Pon It; This Is A Prayer; They Are Holding Us Down
  • - QUEEN PAULA: Gimme Money Bwoy; Mad Sick Dem No Good
  • - ANTHONY B: Good Cop Bad Cop; Bun A Bow Cat; Nobody Want To Plant The Corn; Thiefing Church Liar Pastor; Mr. Heartless; Fire Pon Rome; Hurt Mi Heart Can't Hurt The Soul; Someone Loves You Honey; Want Back We Cool And Deadly
  • - SANCHEZ: I Lift Up My Hands To The Father; Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone; This Little Girl; I Wanna Tell You How I Feel; Everyday I Love Her A Little Bit More; Let Me Love You Down; Undeniable; Sorry; Ghetto Fabulous; Toot Toot Beep Beep; Never Dis The Man
  • - PREDATOR: Wha Mad Mi; Serious Joke; Da Gal De Head Gone; Careful Who You Carry Pon Works
  • - KIPRICH: That Man; Don't Put A Foot Inna Mi Yard
  • - FRISCO KID: Round Here; Gallop; Tell Me Why Them No Want We Prosper; Juvenile Run Down Town
  • - ASSASSIN: Bus Gun Shot; We Are The Roughest; Can't Lock Off The Dance; Full Up Ina De Dance; Straight; Love Me Always (featuring Nikki Bert); Girl Alone We Care For; Bad Mind; We A Bad From; We Have Gal From; Girls Gone Wild
  • - BLING DAWG: Shotta Thing; Nikki Ann; Popapanda You Name; Tweeta Faneeta
  • - WAYNE MARSHALL: Marshall In Town; Gimme A Light; Why You Keep On Doing It
  • - JAGWA: We Deh Ya Fi Mek You Feel Good
  • - ELEPHANT MAN: Send On The Pussy; Bad Man Don't Bathe Wid Them Woman Rag; Twin Tower Drop Inna We Head; Dancehall Nice Again; Crazy Hype; Pon The River Pon The Bank; Do Them (with Eastside Boys); Haters Wanna War; Anaconda; Wine Like A Gypsy; We Are The Wo
  • - VYBZ KARTEL: Squeeze Up The Breast; When Gal Want Buddy; First Thing We Do When We Wake; Jersey; Me A Real Bad Man
  • - NINJA MAN: (interrupted performance)
  • - BEENIE MAN: From You Bun Batty Man; Real Bad Man No Ramp With Punany; Cut And Go Through; Bad Man Chi Chi Man.

Additional Details

Label: Charly

Genre: Reggae

Run Time: 180 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/02/08

UPC: 022891474791