Soul Copyright (DVD)

Soul Copyright (DVD)

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When The Past Comes Back to Haunt You

Colin, a novelist has success with his latest novel 'Thalia'. He meets Phoebe Lee, a handsome, exotic young woman who studies literature. They fall in love. But soon Phoebe begins to act strangely. Colin becomes suspicious and wants to know what lies behind the strange behaviour of his new girlfriend. In the following events Colin's past comes back to haunt him and he has to fight for his life.


Bonus Materials

  • Interactive Motion Menu
  • Official Movie Trailer
  • Bonus Movie Trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Gunther Vanhuyse
  •       Tish Leenknecht
  •       Ignace Paepe
  •       Sue Ann Yeoh
  •       Thierry Wybauw
  •       Alicia Lo Voi
  •       Rufus Six
  •       Dirk Mareel
  •       Martin Van Maris
  •       Cynthia Poortvliet

Director: Frank Messely

Director: Johan Vandewoestijne

Producer: Johan Vandewoestijne

Additional Details

Label: SGL Entertainment

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Language: English

Run Time: 116 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/11/19

UPC: 658826022623