Slightly Scarlet (DVD)

Slightly Scarlet (DVD)

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With Brains, Bullets and Women, He Fought His Way To The Bottom!

Based on James M. Cain's novel LOVE'S LOVELY COUNTERFEIT and a brilliant follow up to his 1940s successes DOUBLE INDEMNITY and POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. Driven by blind ambition, fast-talking publicity man Ben Grace (John Payne) has found a way to smear the reputation of �reform� mayoral candidate Frank Jansen (Kent Taylor). He will do so by exposing Jansen's red-haired girlfriend, June (Rhonda Fleming), with her man-hungry kleptomaniac sister, Dorothy (Arlene Dahl), who also happens to be a convict out on parole. In the process however, Ben finds himself falling for June and seduced by Dorothy, while crime boss Solly Caspar (Ted de Corsia) is breathing down his neck, expecting him to deliver on his promise. John Alton, the legendary noir director of photography, really shows his prowess here in blazing Technicolor.


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Cast & Crew

  •       John Payne
  •        Rhonda Fleming
  •       Arlene Dahl
  •       Kent Taylor
  •       Ted de Corsia

Director:  Allan Dwan

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 99 mins

Release Date: 02/26/02

UPC: 089859829222