Sleazy Stags American Style (DVD)

Sleazy Stags American Style (DVD)

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As American as Apple Pie!

As American as apple pie and baseball - and once as common! - The classic stag film ran approximately 10 minutes in length and could be purchased 'under the counter' in many bookstore and camera shops across the U.S.A., and most commonly in large cities (like the Times Suare area of New York).
Over Three Hours of Amazing All-American Stags,
Available for the First Time to Home Video!

The proliferation of home movie projectors during the 1960s meant these 'dirty movies' could easily be screened at home or in the garage, solo or with a group of friends! Shot on 8mm or Super 8, these short films or vignettes typically featured that unattainable girl-next-door or the 'femme fatale' (or occasionally an exotic type less frequently encountered in suburbia) and became progressively more explicit by the early 1970s, when they were eventually eclipsed by theatrical pornography.

Once thought 'lost', these unique examples of American erotic cinema have been popping up in garages and shoe boxes across the country. After Hours Cinema is proud to present this extensive collection of early 1970s stags.

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Cult

Language: English

Run Time: 180 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/21/15

UPC: 612385426094