Sicko, The Bloodclown (Blu-ray)

Sicko, The Bloodclown (Blu-ray)

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Beware the love of the clown

Sicko, the Bloodclown is a despicable predator whose vile actions are depicted in an atmospheric style. Is this real or fantasy' You must decide, that is, if you can stomach what you see.

Bonus Materials

  • 4-hour 'Sleaze or Art? Part 3' and 90-minute 'Sleaze or Art? Part 4' exploitation documentaries that show rare behind-the-scenes footage from earlier Bill Zebub erotic horror movies.


Cast & Crew

Director: Bill Zebub

Additional Details

Label: Bill Zebub

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 135 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/08/21

UPC: 760137467588