Showtime Usa Vol 2 (DVD)

Showtime Usa Vol 2 (DVD)

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YES SIR, MR. BONES!: A young boy wanders into a home for old minstrels. SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE: Spade Cooley and 25 songs!

YES SIR, MR. BONES!: A young boy wanders into a home for old minstrel men and wants to know more about them, cueing the oldsters to tell HIM (and the Lords of Flashback to show US) a performance from the days of riverboat shows. Songs (including 'Is Your Rent Paid Up in Heaven?'), buck-and-wing and soft-shoe are all part of the nostalgic, politically incorrect, fun. SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE: New York television talent scouts (Don 'Red' Barry and Wally Vernon) head west to look for musical talent for Spade Cooley's TV show and find plenty--and even help round up some cattle rustlers! With a whopping 25 songs, this one 'stacks up as a strong entry in western music market...crackerjack exploitation potential' (Variety).

Bonus Materials

  • Commentaries by film historians Richard Roberts, Brent Walker and Randy Sketvedt


Cast & Crew

  •       YES SIR
  •       MR. BONES!: Cotton & Chick Watts
  •       Ches Davis
  •       F.E. Miller
  •       Billy Green and the Hobnobbers SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE: Don Barry
  •       Spade Cooley
  •       Mary Beth Hughes
  •       Wally Vernon
  •       Max Terhune
  •       John Eldredge

Director: YES SIR

Director: MR. BONES!: Ron Ormond SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE: Paul Landres

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Musical/Broadway

Run Time: 134 mins

Release Date: 11/13/07

UPC: 089859059223