Shots: Eugenics To Pandemics (DVD)

Shots: Eugenics To Pandemics (DVD)

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This documentary puts an amusing spin on US oligarchs' genocidal activities, from eugenics to perpetual war, to the deadliest vaccines in 100 years.

Shots puts an amusing spin on the little-known history of eugenics. It traces the genocidal, anti-ethnic eugenics movement which resulted in the sterilization and elimination of millions. It exposes how the wealthiest families financed the evolution of eugenics into Nazi Germany, and pushed America into perpetual wars. These families further influenced the government's elimination of financial liability for vaccine manufacturers while simulating run-ups to the 2020 pandemic. By that year the wealthiest had bought and controlled the media, and censored medical experts that criticized government actions. Shots illuminates how the government censored effective therapeutics, financially incentivized hospitals to adopt misleading reporting practices and deadly treatments, doubled global deaths with lockdowns, bankrupted small businesses, and allowed the most unsafe vaccines in a century.


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  • 15:30 of bonus scenes included with purchased DVD


Cast & Crew

Director: John L. Potash

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Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 146:45 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/05/22

UPC: 760137102687