Sharkula (DVD)

Sharkula (DVD)

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After the legendary Count Dracula is driven into the ocean, he passes his curse onto a great white shark. The now undead pet of is tormenting a local seaside tourist community, led by a cult of bloodsuckers. A team of modern vampire hunters attempt to send the Count and his new fanged friend to the bottom of the sea forever.


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Bonus Materials

  • Director's Commentary
  • Trailers
  • Scene Selection
  • Behind The Scenes


Cast & Crew

  •       Kyle Rappaport as Renfield
  •       Jeff Kirkendall as Dracula
  •       Jamie Morgan as Mina
  •       Titus Himmelberger
  •       Tim Hatch
  •       Natalie Himmelberger

Director: Mark Polonia

Additional Details


Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 80 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/07/22

UPC: 760137102212