Sex On Wheels 3: Feature Grindhouse Collection (DVD)

Sex On Wheels 3: Feature Grindhouse Collection (DVD)

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A Three-fer of Hippies and Harleys!

Bikers and drugged-out, casual sex seem to go together like, well... bikers and drugged-out, casual sex. Hippies and Harleys with a hearty side of down-and-dirty poontang were a mainstay of early Seventies triple-XXX-ploitation, a combo promising both sex and violence and usually including a heaping helping of substance abuse to boot. What better way to kick off the spring than with this swinging sampler of biker smut, guaranteed to get your motor revvin' and your old lady hotter 'n an exhaust pipe.
Hard-On Wheels is a long-lost Los Angeles hog opera featuring a cast of hard-riding hipsters right off of the Sunset Strip. A tale of rape and revenge, the plot concerns a posse of hopped-up chopper-hoppers who set out to exact retribution from a pot dealing police detective.
Cycle Sluts is a somewhat more casual contrivance that emphasizes sex much more than violence and even contains a strong strain of improvised humor. A couple of shake-sipping chippies are picked up at a roadside burger joint by a pair of girl-hungry hog jockeys. The foursome retires to the home of one girl's aunt, who is reputedly away on business.
Melissa's Inside Straight does not concern motorcycles in the least - perhaps a well-deserved reprieve after the previous feature. It does, however, suitably substitute gambling and group sex for grease monkeys and gore and is the only film in the triple bill to actually contain cast and crew credits - always a benchmark of quality porn.
Recent digital transfers from original 16mm film prints; After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault; six-page color booklet featuring historical liner notes and photos

Track Listing

    • - Hard-On Wheels
    • - Cycle Sluts
    • - Melissa's Inside Straight

    Additional Details

    Label: After Hours Cinema

    Genre: Erotic

    Run Time: 240 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/06/11

    UPC: 612385422997