Sex On The Sunset Stripgrindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

Sex On The Sunset Stripgrindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

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Coeds, Tricks and Tarts in an Early '70s L.A. XX 3-Fer!

By 1971, L. A. porn-mongers were cranking out a steady stream of low-budget sleaze, supplying most porn-friendly markets in the U. S. including even New York City, which would not make real inroads into porn production until 1973. Between 1969 and 1970, a number of transitional 'XX' features began to find their way into circulation, films with an essentially soft-core nature but hardcore aspirations. Loosely crafted and invariably low budget, these hard-at-the-core one-day-wonders dominated the playbills of storefront porn theaters until roughly 1971, when the first generation of true XXX-ers finally drove them out. In their day, however, they offered a first provocative peek into the wanker's paradise just around the corner.

TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE concerns the adventures of horny coeds who go to elaborate lengths to sneak guys into their dorm rooms. In the present story, the housemother is a cagey dyke, of course, who tries to lure the girls into her bedroom with promises of 'milk and cookies.'
LOVE FREESTYLE A couple of chicks decide to become prostitutes to make some extra bread. After a hook-up from a pimp named Sammy, who sets them up with a room, Cookie and Marie turn tricks in both directions, sometimes straight and sometimes lez.
SEE ME, FEEL ME, TAKE ME opens with a young drifter - Nadine - arriving in Los Angeles on a bus and checking into a $5.00 hotel room. She immediately hits the street to turn tricks, but is soon accosted by an older hooker who warns her off the block. Through it all, our heroine exhibits the detachment of a native pariah: she chews gum without a thought while servicing her johns, and barely manages to react with indifference when her competitors threaten her with physical harm. Secretly, however, Nadine wishes to leave the life and periodically sneaks off to a Catholic church where she confesses her misery to a priest!

2-DVD SET includes Color Booklet with Historical Liner Notes.

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Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 200 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 04/24/12

UPC: 612385425394