Sex On Capital Hill (DVD)

Sex On Capital Hill (DVD)

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Pork(ed) Barrel Politics Two-fer!

The Presidential Peepers (1974)
Here for the first time on DVD is adult film icon Tina Russell's final known feature. A particularly appropriate discovery for an election year, The Presidential Peepers is an ultra naughty spoof of Watergate politics featuring wire-tapping, peeping, secret sexcapades and a long-lost Nixon impersonator! What is more, the film contains cameos by New York grindhouse favorites Marc '10 ½' Stevens, Helen Madigan and an appearance by New York's Ugly George, inventor of the 'Girls Gone Wild' format and a cable television legend.

All The Senator's Girls (1974)
Just to round out our election year theme, All the Senator's Girls is another sexy satire of campaign shenanigans. Frank Parsons is running for Senate and needs an issue to galvanize the voters. He decides to run on an anti-porn platform, but that doesn't mean he has anything against sex! A smutty little West Coast two-day-wonder, complete with overdubbed sex sounds and cheesy Seventies soundtrack. Did anybody say 'pork barrel'?

Full color booklet with historical liner notes; trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Tina Russell
  •       Marc Stevens
  •       Helen Madigan
  •       Ugly George

Director: Latour Lamour

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 160 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/24/12

UPC: 612385426292