Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent, Volume 1 (DVD)

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent, Volume 1 (DVD)

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This young spy has a whole lot to learn!

'Ryan Defrates is arrogant, reckless, and always insists on working alone. That is, until the day he's paired with a very unlikely partner...his mom! Deb Defrates is not a spy. She knows more about cutting coupons than cutting down on crime, but her wisdom and kindness somehow always seem to save the day!

Episode 1 - Ryan Defrates Secret Agent and the Exploding Hot Sauce - Furious that her hot sauce did not win first place at the county fair, Granny takes to a life of crime robbing banks with a new sauce that can burn through anything! To help stop the crime spree, Freedom International agent Ryan Defrates is called in. He must learn to work together with an unlikely partner if he's to find the exploding hot sauce and save the town.

Episode 2 - Ryan Defrates Secret Agent and the Mega-moo and the Grumpy Ducks - An evil computer genius has escaped from prison and is using the new video game Grumpy Ducks to control everyone in town causing them to moo like a cow in a video game daze! Secret agent Ryan Defrates and his mom Deb must sneak into Grumpy Ducks headquarters, defeat a giant robot cow and unplug the game before it's too late!

Episode 3 - Ryan Defrates Secret Agent and the Courageous Scaredy Cat - Toys everywhere are disappearing and Kackle the clown and his army of monkeys are behind it! Special agent Ryan Defrates is called in on the case. But there's a problem. Ryan is terrified of clowns! What can he do to overcome his fear to save the day?

Episode 4 - Ryan Defrates Secret Agent and The Greedy Pirate - The greedy Pirate Pete has stolen Whitebeard's sword and it's up to Ryan and Deb to find it! Since only the selfless of heart can wield the sword, Ryan must learn to put other's needs ahead of his own. Will he learn to be truly selfless in time to save Pirate Fest?'



Cast & Crew

  •       Chris Burnett
  •       Marieve Herington
  •       Akai Draco
  •       Stephanie Nadolny
  •       Amber Larriva

Director: Robert Fernandez

Producer: Jeff Chamblee

Additional Details


Genre: Animation (not Anime/Manga)

Language: English

Run Time: 96 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071441196