Rustlers Of Red Dog (DVD)

Rustlers Of Red Dog (DVD)

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Jack Woods, Deacon and Laramie are the Three Musketeers of the Old West. They fight their way across the plains and mountains to protect the settlers and battle the Indians, rustlers and badmen who are constantly threatening them. In the frontier town of Red Dog, leading citizen Tom Lee asks the trio to remain as protectors. Indians attack a wagon train with Lee's daughter Mary is on its way in - but it. Jack and his friends help rescue the wagon train and discover that the train is carrying a shipment of gold. A notorious outlaw named Rocky, who starts a false rumor of a gold strike, covets the gold. Rocky thinks he will help himself to the gold while the town is empty, but instead, he must shoot it out with Jack Woods.


Cast & Crew

  •       Johnny Mack Brown
  •       Joyce Compton
  •       Walter Miller
  •       Raymond Hatton
  •       Harry Woods
  •       Frederic MacKaye
  •       William Desmond
  •       Charles K. French
  •       J.P. McGowan
  •       Lafe McKee
  •       Edmund Cobb
  •       Chief Thundercloud
  •       Jim Thorpe

Director: Louis Friedlander

Producer: Milton Gatzert

Producer: Henry MacRae

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 236 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/12/19

UPC: 089859839726