Roaring Abyss (DVD)

Roaring Abyss (DVD)

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Unveiling the music and culture of Ethopia

If you go out around music bars and venues in Addis Ababa, you will enjoy a very characteristic scene, but if you want to get an idea of the different sounds from the country, you will get a very narrow view of it. There are more than eighty different nationalities and cultures spread all along the mountains, deserts and forests of Ethiopia. In order to unveil the music universe and keep a record of the incredibly endangered music traditions, Roaring Abyss filmmaker Quino Piñero spent two years performing field recordings around every corner of Ethiopia, documenting this audiovisual poem.



Cast & Crew

  •       Various

Director: Quino Piñero

Producer: Quino Piñero

Additional Details

Label: IndiePix Films

Genre: Documentary

Language: Swahili

Run Time: 87 mins

Release Date: 06/20/17

UPC: 845637002580