Revolting Teens Of The 1970s (DVD)

Revolting Teens Of The 1970s (DVD)

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A Pair of Shameless and Sleazy Grinders from 42nd Street Theaters!

Revolting Teens (1973) - Skanky teens, hormones raging and morals plummeting, indulge in the kind of nasty, filthy, and impersonal sex that befits their troubled parents. Welcome to adulthood! Stars Harry Reems, Helen Madigan and Eric Edwards

Betrayed Teens (1977) - A betrayed teen takes on her ex's best friends...Stars Marlene Willoughby, Shaun Costello, Amanda Blake.


Cast & Crew

  •       Helen Madigan
  •       Harry Reems
  •       Eric Edwards
  •       Shaun Costello
  •       Marlene Willoughby

Director: Unknown

Additional Details

Label: Pop Cinema

Genre: Cult

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/15/13

UPC: 612385431395