Radiant (DVD)

Radiant (DVD)

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Sometimes you are always alone.


Four people, all haunted by chronic, misunderstood medical ailments, are accidentally exposed to an experimental viral therapy. Rather than surrender themselves to a government quarantine, they flee into the surrounding desert - choosing to let the untested virus run its course in them.


'Pumping new life and vigorous cinematic imagination into science fiction paranoia, 'Radiant' is a dazzling first work'


'Radiant presents a simple story, well told and handsomely filmed.'

Blog Critics

'Whatever the intent, 'Radiant' succeeds in doing something intriguing, intelligent, and unique with this no-frills foray.'



Matthew Tompkins (Machete, Missionary Man, Its in the Water)
Laurel Whitsett (Super, Splinter, Chaplin)


Cast & Crew

  •       Laura Whitsett
  •       Matthew Tompkins
  •       Jeremy Schwartz

Director: Steve Mahone

Producer: James Cable

Additional Details

Label: R2 Films

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

Run Time: 100 mins

Release Date: 07/01/10

UPC: 837654866726