Put Your Heart On the Page: Plotting To Enrich Your Backstory (DVD)

Put Your Heart On the Page: Plotting To Enrich Your Backstory (DVD)

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Learn to write a mystery novel from one of the masters...Anne Perry

Anne Perry stands tall not only for earning her place among the world's most widely read mystery writers, but as the author of the longest sustained crime series by a living author. When it comes to literary fiction in the mystery genre, no one does it better than Anne Perry. The New York Times called her writing First rate, and the London Times named her one of the 100 Masters of Crime. With nearly twenty-eight million books in print, she has more than earned these honors. Her expertise and warmth come through strongly in this, her second Master Class of writing: Plotting to Enrich Your Back Story. Her first instructional film, An Introduction to Writing, succeeded because Anne used her Master Class to guide aspiring writers through the all-important basics of fiction writing. In this, her second film, the writing journey continues with a comprehensive discussion of what constitutes the heart of fiction: back story and plot. In this film, Anne will explain the importance of both, giving many examples of how they are used to bring texture and depth to your fiction. What is back story? How can you create the life of your characters before they appear on the page? And where do you find information that adds to a character's back story? Anne will provide many leads and sources in this class, as well as how to best use back story as you develop your characters.

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Label: Dreamscape Media

Genre: Educational

Run Time: 62 mins

Release Date: 09/01/15

UPC: 9781681415123