Punto Rojo (DVD)

Punto Rojo (DVD)

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After a dead body lands on Diego's windshield out of nowhere & another found in his trunk, a female secret agent shows up and all hell breaks loose.

Diego (Demian Salomon, Terrified, When Evil Lurks) is a crook and a hooligan for 'Racing Club', one of Argentina's greatest soccer teams. While sitting in his car in the middle of nowhere and participating in a quiz show about his beloved football team, a man suddenly falls from the sky and into his windshield. When a tough as nails female secret agent (Moro Anghileri, On the Third Day) arrives to confront Diego and asks about the dangerous con man keeping a dark secret who happens to be kidnapped in the trunk of his car, all hell is about to break loose!


  • Director Commentary

  • 'Pinball' Short Film

  • In Spanish with English Subtitles

  • Trailer
  • Media

    Bonus Materials

    • Director Commentary
    • In Spanish with English Subtitles


    Cast & Crew

    •       Demian Salomon as Diego
    •       Moro Anghileri as Paula
    •       Edgardo Castro as Edgardo
    •       Matias Lertora as Radio Host 1
    •       Paula Manzone as Radio Host 2
    •       Alejandro Ruiz Diaz as Plane Goon 1

    Director: Nic Loreti

    Producer: Nic Loreti

    Producer: Oriana Castro

    Producer: Nicolas Galvagno

    Producer: Lucas Accardo

    Producer: Damian Loreti

    Producer: Ana Gambaccini

    Additional Details

    Label: MVD Visual

    Genre: Action/Adventure

    Language: Spanish

    Run Time: 80 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 03/12/24

    UPC: 760137142195